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Index Fund / How it works?

How do we determine the cost of 1 Token.

The value of 1 Token is all assets of the Fund expressed in USD and divided by the number of Tokens of the Fund.

Cost of 1 Token = Value of Fund assets / Number of Tokens in the Fund

How are new Tokens produced?

When the investor transfers to one of the personal investment addresses (ETH, BTC or LTC), which are displayed in the personal account. Then, the investor's crypto currency will be converted into Tokens at the current exchange rate

At the time of the conversion of the Crypto-currency into Tokens, the amount of the Crypto-currency, expressed in USD at the average inter-exchange rate at the time of conversion, is divided by the cost of one Token, so the number of new Tokens that are assigned to the investor is determined.

Purchase of Tokens = Investments / Cost of 1 Token

Why the cost of the Token will grow?

Our traders aspire to receive a daily profit by trading assets of the fund, which ensures the growth of the Fund's assets relative to the number of existing Tokens in the Fund, this provides for the growth of the value of the tokens.